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Umbrella Circus ~An MP3 rotation~

v01 - Ryutaro
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. : / /U M B R E L L A   C i R C U S / / : .

Welcome to Umbrella Circus! This is an MP3 rotation community. It's a public community, isn't that nice... I will rotate the MP3's whenever I can, which will probably be every week. The MP3's rotated here will mostly be J-rock, maybe other stuff when I feel like it (but that's not very likely). Umbrella Circus is here so you can expand your musical horizons (or something like that) and because I really want to mod a community.

. : / / R U L E S / / : .

Yes, we have them. Probably just the same as any other rotation out there, though. But read them, it makes me feel special.

01. Please remember that these are only samples, and you should delete them within 24 hours... <_<

02. If you really like an artist, go buy their CDs. It makes them happy...

03. Comments are nice. Comment and tell me what you took so I know what you liked ^_^

. : / / H O W / / : .

All the files will be uploaded to Yousendit. They'll be good for seven days or twenty-five downloads.

. : / / R E Q U E S T S / / : .

I will be taking requests, but it'll take a while for me to get my playlist up.

. : / / L i N K S / / : .


Link me?... Please? You can use one of these little banner things if you want ^_^













Other Rotations:

Soon ^_^

. : / / C R E D i T S / / : .

All music on this rotation belong to their respective owners. The current layout is made by hiroshi_dono. It features Ryutaro, the talented vocalist of Plastic Tree. Edited in Photoshop 7 and coded in notepad. Best viewed in 600 x 800 or higher. The pattern used in the background is from Screentones and I think the picture used in the header is from Jrock Scans... -ducks-